Peace Alemede is our #iNEIgirl of November. Over the course of her educational journey, she has exemplified dedication and commitment to becoming a future distinguished physician. She is currently a medical student at University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, and we look forward to seeing her make great strides in the medical field.

Please introduce yourself.

“My name is Peace Alemede, and I hail from Kogi state. I am a 300 level student at the University of Ilorin currently studying Medicine and Surgery.”1

Why did you decide on your course of study?

“I chose medicine because I believe that working in the hospitality and healthcare sector would be very fulfilling. I am also passionate about seeing the healthcare sector in developing countries like Nigeria thrive and hope to one day collaborate with masterminds who would play key roles in providing and harnessing the right landscape towards improved healthcare infrastructure in Nigeria.”

What has been your greatest achievement so far as a student?

“My greatest achievement so far as a student would be maintaining good grades while engaging in student leadership.”

What are your long-term plans for your future?

“In the long run, I hope to graduate medical school with distinctions, gain professional work experience and build a top-notch leadership portfolio.”

What are some of the extracurricular activities that you engage in or have engaged in, and what skills have you gleaned from them?

“Regarding extracurriculars, I currently serve as the Assistant Music Coordinator at my School’s Christian Medical and Dental Students Association’s [ CMDA-UITH-NS ] Choral department and hold an active seat in its Central Executive Council. Recently, I have gained interest in medical research and have also spent some of my time gathering knowledge about what it entails. This includes attending research conferences, taking related online courses and attending various research clubs meetings. Serving as an Assistant Music Director has helped sharpen my leadership and social skills, and I have also acquired valuable understanding about program planning and how to balance my academics with other interests. As for research, building skills related to this engagement is still a work in progress.”

What is the driving force behind your academic achievements and what would you want to be known for?

“I believe that excellence is the true mark of great leaders and this has been my motivational drive towards solid academic achievements.”

Any final words?

“I would like to encourage every young girl (like myself) reading this to never give up on their dreams, no matter how long it would take or how challenging it may appear. It is always okay to start small because with consistency and hard work, growth is inevitable.”

Peace Alemede encompasses an #iNEIGirl, and we hope that you have been inspired by her drive and achievements so far. 


  • Shaibu Oluwabui

    November 1, 2023

    Nice one dear Sister

  • Alhfarouk l

    November 1, 2023

    This is impressive… Congratulations dear.

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